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New Venture Aspires takes Bitcoin Payments


Posted March. May 02, 2012


By. Malcolm Hitchins




In January, Bitphsar launched its new business with the goal of, “redefining the Bitcoin marketplace like never before.” Bitphsar provides an opportunity for merchants to sell wholesale products to resellers using Bitcoin payments. On day one, Bitphsar featured iphones and Samsung SIM free phones. One of the best features of the site is the low prices and a simple one-off courier fee.


Bitphsar sells new wholesale products and even offers to replace any faulty or damaged stock without any hassles. The simple payment facility will be a sure hit with Bitphsars customers. As Bitphsar’s mission is to provide Bitcoin currency holders access to cheap, electronic items. Bitphsar has a low fee for sellers on the site. Due to the fact that cutomer do not know the seller untill the stock arrives, Bitphsar does offer escrow services to secure payment on items until both parties have fully signed off on the purchase.


I encourage you to check out Bitphsar!


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